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My story

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The Red Ribbon Centre invites you to share your story to encourage those infected with HIV. Your story will be a great support to them to brush aside fear and sadness and start afresh to live the fullest life.
The story may be anything related to HIV experienced by you, your love, family or friends, or just a few words of blessings and encouragement.
Your story would be uploaded to the page "My story" of this website site and our Facebook page "Red Ribbon Mission". Please send it to "Red Ribbon Mission" inbox or by email to (To protect individuals' privacy, contents may be modified accordingly.)

bullet1 Should I leave or stay?

bullet2 你們都可以選擇跟我不一樣的結果......

bullet3 我會拍拖、結婚,也會告訴他

bullet4 其實死亡並不可怕,害怕的是......

bullet4 What was I actually crying for?

image1 Should I leave or stay?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 15 years. I had my first HIV testing soon after he told me about him having been infected from unsafe sexual practices with strangers over the past months. I am glad that I am not infected by him. Somehow, I have lost trust in him, for not being a responsible partner, as he did not try to protect me by practicing safe sex outside of our relationship. However, as he is just as close to me as any of my other family members, and I would never want to abandon him while he suffers in his later life. Should I leave or stay? Now, I am faced with more uncertainties in life and the hardest choices to make.

image2 你們都可以選擇跟我不一樣的結果




image3 我會拍拖、結婚,也會告訴他......



image4 其實死亡並不可怕,害怕的是......


image4 What was I actually crying for?

When I was informed about my newly acquired status as a HIV-positive person during a regular checkup, I immediately burst into tears. When I was crying in the medical center, I then asked myself, what was I actually crying for? I could not give myself a convincing answer, because I had nothing to fear. Because death was still too far away. But crying was the only logical reaction that should be given by people like me, who have just been sentenced into this identity of eternal death.