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Just diagnosed

It’s time to release negative emotion-

It’s not uncommon to have emotional reactions, such as anxiety, anger, or depression from time to time. These feelings don’t last forever. You’ve got choices about how you respond to your feelings.

There’re many things you could do:

  • Spend sufficient time to rest in order to stabilize your mood and resume physical strength.
  • Keep on your daily (normal) functioning.
  • Share your feelings and concerns with someone who knows your diagnosis and whom you trust.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Relax your mind: arrange some amusement to make yourself relaxed. You may also seek spiritual comfort and support from your religion.
  • Find a support system to help you, including doctors, family members, friends, support groups, and other services. Remember, you are not alone; "time" is a good cure of pain.
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