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If I’ve got HIV, I'd feel like shit.-

Fact: Not necessarily. People can have HIV without symptoms for years. Even if a person with HIV feels good, the virus can still be reproducing in the body and slowly damaging the immune system.

I get HIV infected, I cannot have sex anymore….+
If both my partner and I got HIV, we can do bareback. +
There's no HIV risk in blow jobs. +
If my only sexual fun is blow jobs, I don't need condoms. +
I only snort drugs (not shoot up), I can share the equipment without worrying about HIV. +
What a big deal to get another STI if I’ve got HIV already. +
I don't have to worry about being HIV positive as the new drugs will do me good.+
HIV vaccine is now available. +
Faithful and loving partners don’t spread HIV. +
I'm fit, I don't need an HIV test. +
If I’ve got HIV, I’ll die soon. +